21_21 Design Sight

Branding & Visual Identity

Exhibition branding and identity project for a show titled “Athlete” at 21_21 Design Sight Museum in Tokyo.

21_21 Design Sight Museum presents exhibits on different topics through a unique design perspective. For this particular exhibition, it addresses the different elements of being an athlete and revealing human potential through sports. Educating visitors about athleticism and what goes into these actions and its relations with the surrounding environment.

In developing a concept for this exhibit, inspiration was drawn from the various movements and characteristics of human bodies showcased throughout the exhibit. While the original main artwork used was a good starting point, focus was placed on creating movement through type and making the title bilingual in both Japanese and English for local and foreign visitors.

Agency: Personal project
Role: Design, Art Direction


The thinking and process behind the exhibit identity.

Researching themes in exhibit and the museum, as well as ideas of movement, sports, and commonly elements used in sports branding. I looked for opportunities to do things differently while still being easily recognizable.